Sea Eagles


The nest may have been remote, but there were always plenty of birdwatchers with their scopes in the tiny car park and other vantage points. Fortunately, there were fences to prevent disturbance to the birds, and signs warning of CCTV cameras, and an occasional patrolling warden who sorted out people who were parking in the passing places.

Some people were there for the first time, needing directions, but many come back year after year, drawn to the same place to follow the fortunes of these magnificent creatures.

They are huge! Even without another bird to compare for size, when a sea eagle was in the air, it was unmistakeable.

Most of the time, the eagles sat at the top of a tree close to the nest, looking impressive. The attendant birdwatchers gazed in wonder through their binoculars and scopes, willing the statuesque bird to take to the air.

On several occasions, we saw one of the pair being mobbed - by gulls on the first occasion and hoodie crows on the second - and this made it easier to get some sort of size reference. Here is a brave hoodie fleeing for its life after pushing its luck a bit too far.

I think I'll be back!


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