What is Photography?

I take photographs of my family, of places and events with which we are involved, and in each photograph I have a fragment of memory, frozen in two dimensions, which I can use to summon up other memories connected to it.


More often, I use my camera as a hunter uses a gun, spear or net. I use it to try to capture beauty, a prey which is mysterious because it is undefinable. However, I know it when it appears in my hunter's eye, even if it sometimes disappears during the interval between camera click and the appearance of the image on paper..


Sometimes, my photographs are not sufficient to convey what I have experienced, so I have tried to write about what I find significant.

My writing and my photographs are sufficient to me in themselves, but I take pleasure in showing other people what I find beautiful or has a special meaning for me. The purpose of this website is to share it with you.

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