Ghana 2004 Expedition

This page is for my friends who shared the expedition with me. To others, who will probably find the captions somewhat cryptic, I apologise. However, I do not have time to write a book, which is probably what would be required to do justice to the story!

Late night arrival at the Miklin Hotel, Accra


The puncture


From the Hans Cottage restaurant - cattle egrets among the weaver bird and cormorant nests


The Kakum forest canopy walkway


Signs of forest elephant in Kakum forest


For Colin - modern electronic art in the Kumasi hotel


Patas monkey mother and baby greets us at the Mole campsite


There! Can't you see it?


Adrian's favourite elephant - one ear forest, the other savannah!


Elephant greeting


Come in - the water's lovely!


The Mole campsite


Ghanaians watching their wildlife


Catching up on notes


Category 1, 15 metres


The pump house which supplies water and finely divided elephant dung to the Mole Motel


A bridge building gang who gave us a lift


Lion tracks - ooer!


"People's Friend" on the edge of the village


The elephant game



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