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Recent Work

These are photographs which I have taken recently. They are NOT a portfolio - see the link above for that - but show what I have been doing in recent weeks.

If you would like to know a bit more about any of the photographs shown, have a look at my blog, where there is a post for each photograph.. They can be viewed here:

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Moulton's Crow Dance
Pound the Bounds

Local Wildlife

Raptors near Moulton
Kingfishers by the Weaver
Worm-eating buzzard
Great Crested Grebes

Miscellaneous Wildlife

Salmon jumping at Rossett Weir
The wildlife watchers
Released to the wild - fox
Released to the wild - polecat
Released to the wild -  weasel
The Fox who Chose to Stay
Mountain hares on Bleaklow
Merlin on Little Eye
Injured sparrowhawk

Wildlife on the Isle of Mull
Parkgate in the Wirral
The Shetlands in June
Hilbre Island
Little Eye - the story and the pictures
New Zealand


Colour slides from 60s Ghana

Nostalgia and Elephants- 2004
Ghana trip, April 2004
Ghana 2004 Gallery
Ghana 2007 - Wa in the North West
Ghana 2007 - Kalakpa Resource Reserve
Ghana 2009
Ghana 2009 - people


Welsh Championship 2008
Caerleon 2006
European Chess Championship, Liverpool 2006


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Stock photography by Pat Bennett at Alamy